The Farm

Producing sustainably grown, high quality food year-round while improving soil fertility.
Located on the outskirts of Pittsboro, NC, Piedmont Biofarm is a year-round, suburban vegetable farm surrounding the Piedmont Eco-Industrial campus. Farmer Doug Jones and his production team grow a diverse repertoire of vegetables with minimal mechanical equipment and no synthetic chemical inputs. In particular, we are well-known for our extensive selection of peppers, sweet potatoes, and greens, as well as our specialization in season extension techniques that allow us to provide fresh produce throughout the winter without using energy to heat our passive solar tunnels. We use local leaf mulch and composted horse manure to enrich our soil, locally made biodiesel when a tractor is required, and benevolent pest management practices. Beyond food production, we work to cultivate climate adapted varieties of vegetables by selective seed saving and breeding. We also commit significant energy to our educational programs including seed saving workshops, seed exchanges, farm tours, and internship opportunities. 

The best way to contact Piedmont Biofarm is to call Doug at 919-444-9680 or send an email to

Our Story
With 42 years of experience, Doug is an elder of the sustainable farming movement with much to teach.  He moved to the South in 1999 for a warmer climate and longer growing season that was absent in his native upstate New York.  In 2001, he began teaching courses on organic farming techniques at Pittsboro’s Central Carolina Community College, and he soon became connected with the folks behind nearby Piedmont Biofuels.  As his passion for seed saving and plant breeding continued to grow, he entered into an arrangement with Piedmont Biofuels in 2006 to start a farm on the land surrounding their production complex that would combine vegetable production, seed saving and breeding work, and a focus on educating the next generation of farmers.  In this way, Piedmont Biofarm was born.  

The farm initially sold its produce to friends, the local coop Chatham Marketplace, and an organic wholesaler that shared space with Piedmont Biofuels, but we quickly were able to expand access of our vegetables to what are now our primary sales outlets: the year-round Piedmont Biofarm CSA (farm-based subscription service) and the Durham Farmers’ Market.